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Do Webcam Models really make money?

Webcam models absolutely make money and they can make a lot. I was able to make $500 in my first week (about 20 hours of work) without any prior knowledge of the industry. I simply logged on, put on a friendly face and started socialising with hundreds of people. Before I knew it I was making over $20 an hour for sitting and chatting with nice people. I didn’t even take off my clothes the first time I broadcasted and I made over $100 in about 2 hours. I was hooked right away!

I purchased a few new bras and panties, picked up a light source to improve video quality, and before I knew it I was a webcam model. It was really exciting and it actually had a great effect on my sex life. I was feeling very confident and wanted to have more sex. Once you start webcam modelling you will make some new friends who will be very nice to you, compliment you and watch your back online. I found one of the most important things in my first week was establishing some moderators in the chat room. Moderators encourage others to tip you, keep the chat clear of spam and are there to help you keep your show going.

One thing to know is that you will make more money during certain periods of the day than you would others. You have to see which timezone works best for you. Fortunately, webcam models have a lot of freedom and can pick the best time to work. You have to balance two competing factors. One, which timezone will have more people who are interested in you and two, which timezone has the most competition from other girls. You want to get the most viewers but if you broadcast during the most competitive hours, other girls will take their share of viewers as well.

While you can certainly make money from the moment you start, you will see a major increase in hourly rate as you increase your followers. Followers know when you come online and many will visit your room as soon as you are on vying for you attention while the room is still quiet. Most cam sites rank models on the front page based on viewers. Each time you go online you need to focus on getting your viewers as high as possible. The more people who see you on the front page without having to scroll down, the more people that are likely to click and visit your room. If they like you they will stick around. Once you get over that initial hump of viewers, your room can really skyrocket and the tips will start coming in at a faster pace.

If you don’t believe me, sign up over at Chaturbate, sit in front of your camera with a low cut shirt and just start chatting with people who enter your room. Its amazing how quickly a room can recognise a noobie and will actually be really helpful! You don’t even have to take your clothes off to get your first tip and if you are nervous, go into the privacy settings and block your home country.

Webcam Models absolutely make money from the day they get started, it doesn’t matter what you look like, there is someone or many someones out there looking to spend some time and money on you. The demand is very high for sociable ladies and webcam modelling allows men to meet women from all over the world. I love my job and I think you will too when you see the benefits of online modelling.

What are you waiting for? Just try it out and thank me after you cash out your first paycheque.

A webcam model based out of the US. I write to empower other women to have confidence in themselves, their body and their sexuality. I also write about making money as a webcam model.
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