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Webcam Model Private Shows – the Money Maker!

Webcam model private shows are the key to making a lot of money in this business. Rates for webcam models doing private shows range from $1.00-4.50 a minute. A 15 minute show could net you $50 which is an incredible hourly rate for socialising with someone. Of course its very likely that you will be naked and performing on camera, but for me that is what I love to do, and to get paid over $100/hr to do it makes me feel good. I am in control of the show, of course I let my clients do a little directing, but they are paying for my time in private, not to have complete control of my actions.

The private show is the bread and butter of the professional webcam model. Its where you make the big money. Most of your time is spent waiting for that private show and enticing users to take you private. While it seems daunting to “go private” it really isn’t and can actually be very pleasant.

Typically, a user will enter the room and make a little small talk and compliment me. I will flirt back and if he seems interested we will probably start negotiating for a private. Anyone who takes you private understands that you have a room full of other people who might also be interested. Guys who are serious about going private will make that quite clear. They don’t want others to distract you. They want you to themselves. If you are going to close your room and say goodbye to 1000 other viewers the person who wants to take you private has to pay and they know that.

Once they agree to your rate and minimum time (which you should definitely have to make it worth while to close your room) you can ask them if they have any specific requests. If you can’t do them you should be honest but perhaps you can suggest something else you can do. Once the negotiating is done, you accept the request to go private and your room will just be closed leaving just the two of you to chat. The time is ticking from the get go so respect your clients time and money. Having said that, you can do you best to make the time last. Slowly start working your client up, you certainly want to make it last as long as possible to increase your earnings.

I encourage you to forget about the running cash register and really enjoy your show and make your client feel special. There is a good chance they will return if they like your private show. Remember 80% of your profits will come from 20% of your clients so make sure to treat them well and remind them to come back to fulfil other fantasies they might have.

Chaturbate also allows private group shows for 2-5 people which can be fun. They also allow people to spy on your private show (if you allow it) for a lower rate. They can’t interact with you like the main private show client, but it can add nicely to your rate while you are performing.

Think you are ready to make over $100 an hour? Your first private show might be right around the corner, so find that lacey bra and panties, head over the Chaturbate and join me and hundreds of other women who are having fun, being free, and doing what they love for a living – getting off ;p

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A webcam model based out of the US. I write to empower other women to have confidence in themselves, their body and their sexuality. I also write about making money as a webcam model.
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