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How Much Money Can I Make on Chaturbate?

In this blog post I am going to tell you everything you need to know about making money on and how much is realistic for the average webcam model.

Chaturbate‘s Token Model

Chaturbate uses a token model that has become very popular to live cam watchers as of late. The token model allows users to ‘tip’ a certain amount of tokens to a mode.

Tokens are worth $0.05 to a model. 20 tokens for a dollar conversion for any amount.

For users tokens cost closer to $0.10 and vary depending on the volume of their token purchase.

Chaturbate Tokens

This is from the website

To get to the point, it’s not uncommon for models to take home anywhere between 2000 to 10000 tokens a day. That’s $100-$500 a day for those who don’t enjoy math.

So if you are thinking about becoming a webcam model on Chaturbate, have no fear, sign up now, you will make that money, it just all depends how long it will take you. Some models are true professionals and are taking camming very seriously. They work hard and get rewarded. They can make 5000 tokens in just an hour or two if the timing is right.


How Much Money does the Average Webcam Model Make on Chaturbate?

The average webcam model works about 3-4 hours each session. Some people might think you should work longer but you also have to consider the time it takes to get ready. You have to put your makeup on, check your equipment, clean your toys and setup your room. I rarely work more than 5 hours at a time.

So the average webcam model will work about 5 days a week or 15-20 hours a week. Most models average about $40-60 an hour. The higher end girls working really hard can make up to $100/hour.

The average girl will make anywhere from between $600-$1200 a week. The top end girls are making $2000+ a week.

Don’t forget, top end doesn’t necessarily mean the hottest. It means those who are unique and provide the highest quality level of live webcam modelling entertainment.


So how much money can YOU make on Chaturbate?

Once you begin to understand the game of Chaturbate you can really begin to work towards doubling or tripling your hourly rate.

Every time you start broadcasting you will have a mix of users who have tokens and users who don’t in your room. The two metrics you want to focus on for making more money is total viewers and percentage of users who have tokens. If you can increase both of those you will increase your earnings.

Its no different than having a store. The more traffic entering your store the better chance to make a sale. And the more people who actually want to buy something the better.

For every 100 viewers watching you, you can expect about $6-10 an hour. That is based on my data over 1500 hours. The spread can be wide because you never know when a big tipper will come in or if you will be doing a private show that day.

Girls who have 1000+ viewers consistently and working 2-3 hours a day will make between $120-300 a day. This is a very realistic and fair assessment. I haven’t considered what you look like or how you run your show. If you can get to 1000+ viewers you will make at least $60 an hour and that is a conservative estimate.

When you start out don’t expect to have 1000 viewers right away. You will have to work hard for a few months to build a following. Your followers will often join your room as soon as you are online and will build your viewer count quickly. This is key because it gets you higher on the main page earlier in your session which will lead to better concurrent viewer averages.

Once you have 50000 followers which takes about six months, you will have no problem ranking high on the main page and getting new viewers to your room. Your business and earnings will grow exponentially as you get more popular so don’t get frustrated.

After 20 hours of being online I had 3500 followers. So one can estimate that 300 hours would get you 50000 followers. It might be challenging for some to reach that, but when you do, the numbers don’t lie. You will have at least 1 big tipper come in each time you are online and you are likely to have a big enough crowd in the room to reach your tipping goals. You will have a higher change of going private as well, as some big shot will want to have you to himself.

By the time you hit 300 hours you will also have a lot more going for you. By then you can pimp out your bio and have a “big tippers” list, guys love seeing their name on top charts. You can have an amazon wishlist for guys to buy you gifts and send you amazon gift cards.

You can start selling your panties. You can post pay per view videos. There is so much you will learn by then and you will be earning more money doing less than you ever have.

So if I start now, work 20 hours a week, how much can I make on Chaturbate this year?

My guess would be $30000 on average for 20 hours a week for a full year. But your second year will probably see you making $60000 at least. You are a private entertainer. You can’t expect to make as much in the beginning. You need to build that following and the rest will fall into place.

Ready to quit your job? Maybe just try it out first and see if you like it.

If you made it this far I highly recommend reading:

Good luck everyone!


A webcam model based out of the US. I write to empower other women to have confidence in themselves, their body and their sexuality. I also write about making money as a webcam model.
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