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The Story of My First Webcam Model Private Show

I’ll never forget my first webcam model private show. It was my third time broadcasting as a webcam model and I was very nervous. I had barely any experience and I was only doing basic stuff and teasing mostly on camera. I hadn’t yet taken a request from someone and performed.

I had set my rate at 60 tokens per minute which is $3/min. When I got that first private show request my heart started racing. I was about to masturbate for a complete stranger. What was even crazier was he asked for me to perform in my second language! A language that I learned primarily from my grandparents and I didn’t exactly know all of the dirty words.

It didn’t matter though, I was feeling the adrenalin pumping and my heart racing. I remember getting quite wet between my legs actually. It was hard to get a sense of time while I was performing. How long was I supposed to take to get naked? How did I know when he wanted to cum? How could I keep an eye on the chat while really performing naturally?

The bra and panties eventually slipped off and I was doing some sexy gyrating in front of the camera. I took out a pink cock-shaped vibrator and started putting it in my mouth. Wrapping my lips around the toy and running my other hand down between my legs. My pussy was dripping from the excitement I got from the occasion. With my pink cock nice and wet I started penetrating myself with it. I got off quite quickly. I remember saying his name and telling him he had a big cock in another language and that I wanted him to fuck me with it. It all worked quite nicely. It was my first experience “acting” even though I got off.

After the show, I was quite pleased with myself to see $33 in my account for 11 minutes of my time. An 11 minutes that I quite enjoyed.

Since then I have done many more private shows. None were as exhilarating as the first one, but many have been memorable. Some very sweet and generous men have spend some amazing time with me in private chat. A lot of that private time has been just chatting! Of course they enjoy a private show of my naked body writhing and getting off, but they also yearn to make a connection. Many of these men aren’t comfortable with good looking women in person and this is their way of dealing with that. I think this is going to become quite regular as we move away from in person socialising and using the web for all of our communications.

I hope you enjoyed the story of my first webcam model private show. I know it was a little bit more graphic than my other posts, but if it bothers you, then you are in the wrong place and the wrong profession. Talking and writing dirty will become second nature to you quite quickly in this business and it will actually make you feel great and quite free to just say sometime so unfiltered.

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A webcam model based out of the US. I write to empower other women to have confidence in themselves, their body and their sexuality. I also write about making money as a webcam model.
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