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How to Become a Webcam Model Today

So you want to become a webcam model? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve been working as a webcam model for over a year and am sharing everything I know about how to be a successful internet model. While it certainly is a better job and less stressful than most other professions, it can be difficult for some and has some unusual quirks that you might not be used to. Don’t worry! I am here to help you and show you the playbook that I put together for becoming a very successful webcam model.

Of course it helps to be drop dead gorgeous, but I assure you that there is plenty of money to be made by girls of all shapes and sizes. You might even make more than a typical blond with big boobs because you can make a lot if you have a niche look.

So how do you become a webcam model today? It really only takes

First, you need a computer and internet connection that is good enough to stream video. Streaming video online is becoming easier than ever but an old PC might not be able to do it. I stream on my 2009 Macbook Pro without any problems.

Second, you need a comfy place where you can put on your show. A couch or bed is good. It can’t be too dark or noisy. People want to hear and see you clearly. You don’t have to use your mic but I think it helps a lot!

Last but not least, you need balls. You will potentially be putting your naked body on the internet and even giving sexy shows. I mentioned in my 5 Tips for Webcam Models¬†post that you can block your country or state. That should put your mind at ease. Ultimately you have to come to terms that someone one day may find out what you did. I always just told myself that I am confident and look good doing what I do, thats why they tip me. As long as you enjoy what you do then thats all that matters. There will always be people who don’t agree with women becoming webcam models but they are stuck in time before the internet age. if you can get over your fears of what others think of you then you are ready to become a webcam model today!

Computer and camera. A comfy, well-lit couch or bed. and BALLS! Do you have them? Sign up now and make $100 tonight!!!

A webcam model based out of the US. I write to empower other women to have confidence in themselves, their body and their sexuality. I also write about making money as a webcam model.
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