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I am 25 years old and started online modelling in 2013. I started working as a webcam model because I was not happy working in the corporate world.

I used to work very hard in a marketing job that was too demanding. I tried webcam modelling and quit my job a month later.

Since I made over $2000 in my first month I was confident that I could make $30000+ in my first year. I was working half the time, half as hard, and I got to spend a lot more time naked and in bed. How could I not choose this life?

I know for many that webcam modelling is out of the question. It goes beyond the morals and values. I understand that, but I think it is very easy to lump webcam modelling in with all of the other sex trades. Prostitution, stripping, escorting, but the truth is that it is much different.

I get to make my own hours, I get to work from home, in the comfort of my own space, and no one can touch me or try to hurt me. I don’t have to fear the unknown, if something happens I can ban a user or simply turn my computer off. I get paid immediately and have no risk to catch any diseases or get pregnant. There is no sex involved.

The truth is I get paid to socialise 90% of the time, and 10% of the time I take my clothes off to entertain my viewers. They respond with tips of appreciation for my time and attention.

I don’t know how long I will continue doing this but for now it really suits my lifestyle. I have a lot of freedom and time to pursue all of my greatest fantasies and dreams. I have enough money to live comfortably and travel. I can even work while I travel which makes it even better. Some trips are paid for while I’m on vacation.

I created this site to help others get involved in the industry and to get over the learning curve that is required for becoming a professional webcam model. I write about tips for being successful as a webcam model and increasing the money you make.

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