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5 Tips To Boost Your Online Modelling Income

Internet and online modelling is one of the fasting growing industries for young women. Here are 5 tips to take your online modelling career to the next level and increase your income:

1. Improve your set

You want all eyes on you, a messy set can be distracting and a turn off for some viewers. Make sure you have not only a clean set but also a comfortable one. You might be spending a lot of time sitting there or lying down so make sure you have pillows, a soft surface or comfy chair, and other props you might need. Some accent lighting can be really nice to add depth to your visuals and a simple curtain can go a long way to making a white wall much more flattering.

Buy an Ikea curtain set and a thin curtain rod. You can then hang it on the wall using Command hooks. No drilling or holes and you are setup in 10 minutes.

2. Improve your lighting

Lighting is the most important consideration concerning the quality of your video image. Cameras are able to process a lot more detail when things are well lit. Your ceiling light is not going to be enough. Ideally you want two lights in front of you on either side. One acts as a main light and the other is at about half-power and acts as a fill light. With only one light you will get some shadows on one side of your face so a fill light acts to reduce the deep shadows. If you only have one light source available you will have to make due and probably place it more directly in front of you and behind the camera.

3. Your front-page image is everything

Once you have a nice set and some decent lighting, your broadcast will be better quality than 80% of everyone else. Now you have to focus on how you sit in front of the camera. When users visit the website they are hit with dozens of girls in tiny windows and they have to decide who to click on. A well-lit subject, in front of a nice looking set is a big advantage. Take it to the next level by making sure you spend 90% of time sitting in a well-framed position showing off your face, or your body. Moving around a lot will lead to awkward and blurry images on the front page of the site and users are less likely to click and enter your room.

4. Make room for big tippers

On Chaturbate, a grey username means that person has no money to tip you with, they are a free user. They can still chat however. A colored username indicated that they have money in their account. If the grey users are chatting to much and demanding things from you, the other users can get put off by how difficult it is to get your attention in the chat room. Either start warning grey users not to spam in chat and ban them if they don’t stop, they have no money anyways and just want a free show. You can also make someone a moderator to do this job for you.

5. Spend time on improving your bio page

Your bio is what can really hook users to try and get to know you better. Spending time on it also lets users know you are serious about your job. Guys might be afraid to drop a big tip if you seem like you could disappear at any time. Your bio is also a great place to add some HTML and make it look fancy. It is quite common for girls to use this area to mention big tippers and contents. There are so many ways to monetize your bio but that is for another post. If you are just doing the bare minimum on your bio you are hurting yourself and your hourly rate I can assure you of that. Higher a graphic designer on Fiverr if you have to but put some effort to spicing up that bio page.

A webcam model based out of the US. I write to empower other women to have confidence in themselves, their body and their sexuality. I also write about making money as a webcam model.
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