5 Reasons Webcam Models Need Moderators

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5 Reasons Webcam Models Need Moderators

If you are a webcam model then this is going to be an important post for you to read. I’ve found that moderators are very important and is something you should pay a lot of attention to. So here is 5 reasons why webcam models need moderators:

1. Moderators keep the chat free of spam. A lot of users will come in to your room and spam graphics, links to other websites and make demands without tipping. Moderators can silence these users for 6 hours or kick/ban them completely. Tell your mods to silence them to keep you view count higher.

2. Moderators help tipping users get your attention by silencing non-tippers who are demanding and chatting too much. A lot of guys are hesitant to tip you if your chat room is being blasted with messages. They feel they can’t get your attention and might leave the room for a more friendly atmosphere. A good mod can tell when the chat is too noisy and will remind you to turn off chat for non-paid members who have no tokens to tip. No tokens, no chat.

3. Moderators will help you with the quality of your broadcast. Whether its letting you know your audio is too loud or your video is choppy, they will let you know to fix it. Its good to have someone who cares about the quality of your show.

4. Moderators often tip regularly and in small amounts to keep the room’s action going. Those who agree to be your mod know it takes some effort so they probably like you already. They won’t drop massive tips or take you private but you can count on them get the action going with smaller tips.

5. Moderators can keep you company when you are bored. People who you choose to be moderators will likely be some of your more regular fans. They like to tip you but instead of taking your private, they prefer to be more of a friend. Its nice knowing that on a slow day you still have some people to talk to and have gotten to know a little better.

Don’t make non-paid users moderators. They can silence paying users and prevent you from earning tips.

A moderator does more than just ban people, they need to help you promote your self and encourage tips. No one likes to beg for tips, so having a moderator remind the chat to tip if they enjoy the show is a nice benefit of having great mods.


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